When it comes to housewarming gifts, it can be nice to gift a fun item that isn’t a toaster or oven mitt; something that can brighten up their living space and will surprise them. That’s where succulents come in. They don’t wilt easily and can be suitable for apartments, medium for houses, and large for outdoor areas. They come in different shapes and colors and can be put in large pots with several succulents, potted alone, or hung in a basket. There’s almost undoubtedly a succulent plant for everyone. Here are just a few ideas.

Echeveria Derenbergii

Also knows as Painted Lady, these small succulents grow up to four inches in tight rosette formations. It is evergreen and produces two-tone blooms in the summer and develops red tips in the winter. This plant would be perfect for small living spaces, sitting on a wide windowsill or a sunny spot in a kitchen or living room.

Aloe Vera

Aloe, too, is evergreen and is also a renowned healer. Aloe can be used to treat any number of wounds, from burns to cuts, so it would be perfect to keep in your kitchen. There are numerous benefits to having aloe vera in your house. It’s a staple that any household should have.

 Jade Tree

This plant could be perfect for a larger home, or to put out on a patio or balcony. It can grow to be six feet tall, and if you don’t prune and shape it, it can easily get out of hand. It has glossy, jade-colored leaves, and can last an entire human lifetime. It’s a bit of dedication, but they are extremely easy to grow and care for.

Christmas Cactus

As is implied in the name, a Christmas Cactus blooms during the colder months. If you’re having a housewarming party in the winter, this could be the perfect candidate. They can spread out to be more space-consuming, so make sure to give it room.

Burro’s Tail

This drooping succulent is the perfect candidate for a hanging basket. Their stems trail to about 24 inches and can be quite heavy, so make sure the container it’s in is sturdy. It flowers in the summer.

Crassula Marnieriana

One of my favorites, this beautiful plant is also known as Jade Necklace. It grows in a tight stack of green leaves with red edges. It grows to be about six to eight inches tall, and prefer direct sunlight.

Hen and Chicks

If the receiver of the gift has room for a large pot, then this adorable succulent is an excellent addition to any household. The “mother” plant—the hen—produces smaller offspring—the chicks. They are low maintenance but will require propagation as it produces chicks.

Succulents may just be the perfect housewarming gift. They are hardy, easy to take care of, and not very demanding. They do well in most climates. They might be the best gifts to give, period, especially for those who don’t have such green thumbs.